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Aloha Malia,

I am moving to Maui this week for a 6 month assignment at the MMMC in Wailuku and will be living in Makawao.  I am looking for a church to attend.  I attend a Methodist church with a congregation of about 300 people.  I would like something similar.  Thanks for any advice you could give me.

Aloha Jer,

I am not a religious person so I am not involved with any church here on O'ahu or Maui.

I know however that Central Union Church on O'ahu is one of the biggest congregations in the islands and I am sure that if you contact them they will be able to lead you in the right direction.

Another way is to contact the Maui Methodist Church in Lahaina (which is the capital of Maui) and they can give you more detailed infos for a church near Makawao.

Lahaina United Methodist Church
988 Front Street, Lahaina 96761
(808) 661-3320

I hope this helps.

Let me know if I can help you further.



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