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I love different cultures and have recently been reading about Hawaii. I am an "Island Girl" myself, I was born in Cuba, raised in Florida.  I love the ocean, the beach, sand, surf, seafood, sunshine.  I want to plan my funeral, so that my kids don't have to.  I read about the Paddle Out Funerals that are done for surfers in Hawaii.
Would it be appropriate for me to adopt that same funeral service for myself, when the time comes?  
I don't want to do anything that would seem disrespectful; but it feels like the right thing to do for me.  I love the idea of my 'body' drifting back to my homeland, while my soul "floats" up to the Heavens. I don't want to be in a box for eternity.

Aloha Marcia,

I have never been to Cuba but hear it's beautiful.
You sound young in your writing so I hope your funeral is many many years from now. However I commend you for thinking ahead, especially so your children don't have to guess what to do when the time comes.

To answer your question: absolutely yes. Hawaiians believe that anyone who loves their culture can share it if it's done in a respectful; way. I had a friend of mine from Japan whose ashes were scattered at sea in Waikiki. You don't have to be Hawaiian for that.
And I agree, being in the ocean later is my wish as well. The box underground doesn't appeal to anyone.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

In the meanwhile I invite you to watch a video on youtube which shows the funeral service for one of our greatest singers ever who died in 1997. As you can see Hawaiians celebrate life, not death. The woman on the ship in the video is his wife.



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