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Sorry I asked another question before and didn't include this one but I just wanted to know about any Hawaiian funeral etiquette there is. I'd also like to know about any little spiritual beliefs or customs but it isn't vital. Thanks in advance! ps. thanks for answering my previous question:)

Aloha again,

Sorry I only received this question today.
There is no funeral etiquette per se, meaning it depends on the beliefs and family traditions of the deceased.
Sometimes people will gather outside at the graveyard site, sometimes on the beach or in a church, temple etc.
Sometimes the family will have a priest, sometimes music and hula, it really depends.
As I said before with all the different ethnicities and people we have on our islands, there is no set way to do anything really, other than just respecting each other.

As for customs that are unique to our islands, I would definitely say dancing the Hula at a funeral, paddling out and putting flowers and the ashes of the deceased out in the ocean with everyone gathered in a circle and finally also praising the ali‘i (Hawaiian gods).

Hope this helps.


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