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QUESTION: Hi Malia... I have been living in Ewa Beach since May.  I have been working so much I have not got to explore a lot.  My parents (80 years old) and my Aunty will visit me in October.  Can you give me some suggestions of what to do?  Nature things, beaches, spa treatment for the ladies... breakfast buffet.. dining? I rented a beach house here in Ewa Beach for them.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for any help.

ANSWER: Aloha Jer,

Welcome to Hawaii.
How nice to have your family come and visit :-)

I am not sure if your parents are in good health and want to go on hikes, swim or rather shop and do "easy" stuff.
Will they have a car?

Can you answer those for me and then I can help you more.


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QUESTION: My parents are in good health... A hike ok but nothing strenous.. Beach's would be nice... Even just to picnic.. Shopping...yes.  Will will have a car and I will be with them most of the time... Also a could of splurged for breakfast and dinner... Thanks so much!!

Aloha Jer,

Kaena Point is a good hike, so is Diamond Head.

As for beaches, the ones I prefer are North Shore and also Waikiki in front of the Moana. Then of course there are all the beautiful ones on the Waianae Coast.

I would also recommend visiting the Byodo In Temple as well as Dole Plantation.

As for picnic, take them to Magic Island for sunset. That is beautiful.

Fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Friday at 7:30 is also nice.

Shopping: Ala Moana Shopping Center for sure (after all it is the biggest outdoor mall in the world).

Breakfast: Bogarts in town, Eggs and Things

Dinner: Haleiwa Joes, Macaroni Grill, Phuket Thai, Kozo Sushi, Chilis, CPK, South Shore Grill, Teddys, Dukes in Waikiki, Buho

Amazing views: Sky Lounge, Sheraton Top floor lounge

You can check all these places online and see where they are and which ones you think your family will enjoy most.
Most of them are unfortunately in town and you know how traffic can be.
I recommend you plan day trips, leaving after the crazy morning traffic (9 AM or so) and staying in town after it's all good again at night (after 7 PM).
Let me know if you need any more help ok?



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