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Hawaii/Funeral customs in Hawaii


Baron Hunter wrote at 2010-08-09 01:13:39
My friend has been cremated and there will be a boat that will spread his ashes. We are going to paddle out.

RDavis wrote at 2014-12-13 05:28:29
We attended an ocean water burial of a person's ashes in Hawaii. The burial took place at sunset on a large tourist boat that belonged to friends of the deceased person's family, and the boat owners donated the use of their boat and crew for the funeral. A traditional Hawaiian priest presided over the funeral and recited many prayers and blessings to say goodbye to the deceased person, then the person's ashes were released into the water. After the ashes were scattered, all the guests on the boat threw their flower leis onto the water where the ashes were floating. One major surprise was that the closest relatives then jumped into the ocean and swam with the ashes for several minutes. After the relatives returned to the boat, we all celebrated the life of the departed with food, dance and music. It was a very special way to say goodbye to a loved one.


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