tina wrote at 2012-12-09 02:49:59
excellent information as I seem to be awakened from a deep sleep with throbbing pain, feelin extremely nauseated, and thus vomiting several times.  I go back to bed, am sensitive to light and sound, and try to sleep only to awake again with the same process.At first I think it must be the flu, but with no diarrhea, flu seems unlikely.  Very debilitating, and very weakening.  Can only consume small amounts of ginger ale.


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Dr. Dan J. Sallee, DC


I can help people determine if they suffer from migraines and what type of migraine affects them. What steps should be taken to get an accurate diagnosis. When CT scans and MRIs are necessary. Common migraine triggers the migraine patient needs to know, with specific foods to avoid. The different medications and drugs that will trigger or make migraines worse.


I have devoted my practice and my career toward helping people who suffer from migraines. I myself am a migraine sufferer and have had them all my life. Attended the 2011 Update in Headache Symposium in Chicago, IL

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