QUESTION: My wife has a migraine. It comes almost once a month or from time to time.What actually is the main causes? She went to doctor if she cannot stand it. Doctor usually give her an injection and some drugs. What is the best natural solutions. Continuing injection & taking of pills will cause any side effects? Is there a cure for it?

ANSWER: Dear Woo, you are welcome

Here is the answer to your different questions:

1. In most of the migraine cases, cause of the pain is not yet known. You can contact a local neurophysician to evaluate the cause, if there is any.

2. If your wife takes the injection/ pills occasionally then there may not be significant side effects. You can read the details of the side effects of the relevant medicines on the internet or you can also read the “prescribing information” leaflet supplied with the medicine. You can also discuss it with your general physician.

3. The best natural solution which I know is “HOMEOPATHY”. It is most effective and free from any side effects.

4. Yes, there is a cure for migraine. Homeopathic treatment can cure your wife’s chronic migraine, but she must take the Classical Homeopathic treatment from a qualified doctor. Over the counter available specific homeopathic combinations and formulas can not cure the migraine.

Hope it will help

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
October 23, 2013


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QUESTION: Thank you doctor.
Where can I find one qualifies doctor in Malaysia since you mentioned there is a cure.

Welcome back

You can have names and addresses of nearby homeopaths by contacting Malaysian Homeopathic Society. Some links are given below for your convenience.

1. Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association - MRHP

2. National Contact for Malaysia
Prof. Dr. Nik Omar bin Nik Daud
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
No.122 Taman University,
Kg Gelang Mas, Meranti,
17010 Pasir Mas, Kelantan


E-Mail: malaysia@lmhint.net


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