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Headaches/Migraines/Exercise/alcohol headaches


My husband is 48 yrs old, very active and healthy. We live in Upstate NY. Three year ago he started having severe headaches after he would play basketball or have any alcohol.  He went to his Primary Dr. who had him go for an MRI.  The MRI showed nothing and the headaches went away. (lasted for about 2 weeks). The following year, same time of year (January) this happened again.  Last year no problems. This year he has started again.  It has been over 3 weeks now and they are severe! He is seeing a nuerolgist, who thought he was having indomethacin headaches, but the pills havent helped at all over the last week.  Wondering if there was any insight you could give us as where we should go with this.

Generally headaches that occur around the same time of year are known as potential cluster headaches. I realize you are in NY, but their is no budding of trees or pollination happening, or any issues with your heater at home?

Any recent or within the last several years of any kind of trauma?

Let me know what you come up with and we can go from there.


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Dr. Tron Malachowski


Their is a specific cause to most headaches. A thorough lifestyle survey and exam is needed along with a thorough medical history is essential to helping find the cause of this problem that effects millions.


For two years, I have been caring for people who have had irregular spontaneous headaches to people with severe regular migraines that put them out of work for days.

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For example, a patient came in two weeks ago with chronic headaches and neck pain that has persisted for years. After one week of care, she has had no headaches with complete relief of neck pain. A thorough exam and survey was used along with their medical history. Another patient came in 4-1-09. 30 year old female with chronic migraines for 15 years. She took Excedrin and Imitrex almost everyday. We took care of her for two weeks and her symptoms completely resolved. No medication-no surgery-no pills-no lotions.

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