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Hello Dr. Mahmud. I have been getting muscle twitches/myoclonus in my ear and head area. I wanted to know if calcium or magnesium would be good supplements to take. I heard they are both good but counter interact with each other. Which would be the better supplement. Would you recommend anything else for muscle twitching?

Dear Arnie, you are welcome
You have not told that for how long you have been suffering from this problem, what is its frequency, duration and intensity? Have you used some medicine or not? Remember that excess of anything is bad and calcium or magnesium supplements are no exception. Inadvertent use of these supplements will cause further health problems. Contact your local general physician who will advise you some blood tests to determine any deficiency. Only after getting your blood tests done and evaluating it with reference to your problem, the doctor will decide which supplement is suitable for you. May be, your general physician will prescribe some anti-epileptic medicine for your muscle twitching. Here I should advise you that homeopathy is the better alternative to cure your problem. It is more effective, gentle and free from side effects and cures the disease in a short period, whereas there is no cure in conventional medicine. Conventional medicines only control the disease. Your case requires a lot of information and discussion; therefore, it can not be dealt with at this limited forum. You are, therefore, advised to contact a local classical homeopath for proper treatment or you may opt for online treatment from me.


Dr. Sultan Mahmud
July 25, 2013



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