QUESTION: I have been having stroke like symptoms , numbness, extreme constant head pressure, tender head, ...etc for 6 months now

i went to the ER couple of times, had several ct brain scans with and without contrast and ct angiograph and also for the neck and it showed nothing

I had an mra and it was normal and i had mri with and without contrast and it showed non specific white matter lesions and
ovoid lesion within the left centrum semiovale

Could this mri finding be the cause of my extreme symptoms, and this ovoid lesion , what could have caused it from your experience

i do have recently left thigh cold sensation that comes and goes , but my vision motor skills are good , i do forget more than usual lately

Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Mark, you are welcome

Sorry to hear about your condition. Your neuro physician can better explain the link between the lesion and your extreme symptoms. However, I can suggest you only one thing that if you decide to have medical treatment then classical homeopathy is the better option for you. It is more effective, long acting, curative, very gentle to the body and free from side effects.

Wish you good health,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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QUESTION: Thank you, but what homepathy do you suggest

can you give some names of medicines or herbs so i can buy

Welcome back
Perhaps you donít know anything about homeopathy. Running parallel with conventional medicine, homeopathy is an independent system of medicine for treatment of all kind of diseases. Homeopathy is better than conventional medicine; it is holistic and free from any side effects. A lot of information is available on the internet. You can read some basic information about it at the links below. In homeopathic there is no specific medicine for any disease, therefore I can not suggest any medicine for you. You have to consult a classical homeopath, and after detailed case taking he will suggest a suitable remedy to cure your condition. You may have online treatment from me at the link provided.



Wish you good health,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud




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