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Every single morning when I wake up, I have a severe migraine headache.

This has been persisting for several years.

I've been to many doctors and they just give me pain killers.

How can I find the root cause of migraines and stop them?

Today I woke up with a migraine and I have taken 4 Excedrin Migraine pills since I woke up and it still persists.

Also, it is always in the exact same spot on my head.

Dear kmj, you are welcome

There are two ways to manage your migraine,. (i). Getting temporary relief by taking pain killers throughout your life, (ii) achieving permanent cure by taking classical homeopathic treatment.

You need not to know the root cause of your migraine, because even top rank conventional “migraine specialist doctors” don’t know it. Whatever the cause of your migraine is, homeopathic remedies will correct the cause and cure your headache. Homeopathic remedies are very gentle to the body and free from any side effects.

Take a single dose of homeopathic remedy before going to bed and you will feel enormous relief (or even no headache) the next morning. You will feel increasing relief day by day and you may not need to repeat the dose even for couple of weeks or months. It will strengthen your body’s defense mechanism to overpower your headache and in a short time you will be migraine free.

Because it requires a lot of time and involvement to prescribe for your migraine, therefore your case can not be handled at this limited forum. You have to consult a classical homeopath. You can get treatment from any classical homeopath, but if you don’t get desired relief, then please contact me before blaming homeopathy and losing hope.

Wish you good health,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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