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Headaches/Migraines/"ouch " right temple pain


thank you for expending your time to help. it is most appreciated.
i have been having headaches for over 15 years...the pain is in the right temple area, sudden [intense pain] onset, lasts for about 2 weeks with unremitting pain, and then they abate. these are my only symptoms except for nausea. the pain is impervious to any thing i have tried, but i have just told myself that unlike others who suffer from chronic pain, i am so very grateful that the pain will eventually subside, albeit in 2 weeks.

this time however it has lasted much longer than two weeks and i also have a pain now in my neck and in my cleavage area. is there anything i should be concerned about, and is there anything i can do to help the pain?

thank you again for your kindness and for sharing your knowledge.

Hello Sam, you are welcome

I appreciate your tolerance and stamina for bearing long episodes of intense headache for 15 years. Why do you suffer when there is a very effective and curative treatment for your chronic migraine? Classical homeopathy cures chronic headache very quickly and effectively. Just take a powder and you will be pain free within a few hours. Thatís all. You will have next episode at longer interval and with lesser intensity. That way, gradually, you will become migraine free within a few months. You can get treatment from any classical homeopath but the result will vary according to the skill and ability of the homeopath. So, you should not expect above mentioned results from every homeopath, but it is sure that you will get relief.

You can get online treatment from me, if you so desire.

Wish you good health

Dr. Sultan Mahmud
August 6, 2013  


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