I hope you can offer some free advice because our bank acounts are suffering. This actually is in reference to my 31-year-old daughter. I'm helping her out financially because her insurance has a high deductible and it's not covering a lot of these visits.  this all started back in December she started getting slight headaches and migraines progressed and progressed and progressed and got worse and worse and worse. She's a very healthy individuals eat. She goes to the gym doesn't do anything out of the ordinary. Now she's had every test possible she's had a CAT scan she's had MRI bloodwork she's been to a neurologist . Told her she shouldn't be getting headaches tried to medicate with a bunch of pills that she don't want to take. tests and bloodwork coming back normal. She's been to the chiropractor but not really helping..he doesn't know what's happening.... .so...I did some searching on the Internet and found out about a neuro chiro. His office seems to have really good reviews so we set her up there thinking that it would be just the $40 co-pay. He found that her insurance  it does not cover it and the kind of test he wants to do is going to run $800. Seems to think she's off-balance and it has something to do with an ear wash used back in December. Her eye is also red and swollen .. He said something about vestibular system.. Have no idea what he's talking about because we've never heard of this kind of chiropractor and his treatments are kind very different. He's doing 5 sessions for 175.00 each. He tests her eyes and balance and seems to be very smart. Could this be what we have been searching for months trying to find out what's causing these migraines. Could this be ear wash have been the culprit. seems to think the fluid from the earwashcaused her vestibular to be messed up. I just don't want to pay this kind of money out if this is all quackery.. I believe in chiropractic care but I never heard of anything like this...please help.. The Internet emergency room  5 times for migraines thus month.. Now we found this neuro chiro. We have to find the root cause.  He doesn't know for sure if he can help but time will tell... And also my bank account...Also her blood pressure is on
low side since this all started.please help if can...thanks

Their are chiropractors who specialize in different areas of the body.

Can you give me his website?

I will say, if they unearth the potential issue with the vestibular system, what is the treatment protocol? What I mean is, a name to a diagnosis means nothing if you cannot do anything to treat it. Does that make sense?

What part of the country do you live in? City?

Get back to me with those details and we can go from there.



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Their is a specific cause to most headaches. A thorough lifestyle survey and exam is needed along with a thorough medical history is essential to helping find the cause of this problem that effects millions.


For two years, I have been caring for people who have had irregular spontaneous headaches to people with severe regular migraines that put them out of work for days.

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For example, a patient came in two weeks ago with chronic headaches and neck pain that has persisted for years. After one week of care, she has had no headaches with complete relief of neck pain. A thorough exam and survey was used along with their medical history. Another patient came in 4-1-09. 30 year old female with chronic migraines for 15 years. She took Excedrin and Imitrex almost everyday. We took care of her for two weeks and her symptoms completely resolved. No medication-no surgery-no pills-no lotions.

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