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Headaches/Migraines/scared of Ocular migraines


Hi Doctor Sultan
I am a 60 year old lady who suffers from panic disorder also low b12 and sometimes iron, I have suffered from ocular migraines since I was 30 year old .I have had all the tests to rule out illnesses and the doctor said the blind coloured spots in my eyes are from stress. Ok, how do I deal with this, everytime I get one I get so panicky and I am terrified, You would think after all these years I would stop being scared but this is not the case. I am sensitised for days after a ocular and I am always checking my eyes to see if I am getting one. It has become like a phobia even while I am typing this desperate letter of please reassure me I have my eyes held opened wide all my muscles around my eyes feel so tight and taut. I am so scared of the dazzling light show ,Mt eye doctor assures me that my  optic nerves at the back of my eyes are so healthy and for a little while I feel safe again until another attack comes out of the blue, and I am frightened all over again. How does one deal with this? The attacks went away for years and out of the blue when I am at my best they came back, Please help me feel safe again ,If you know of a way to deal with these migraines or whatever they are I sure would love some advice.
Thank you so very much for making the time for me
Hugs Helen

Hello Helen, you are welcome
Before answering your question, let me briefly explain about homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is not ‘take this for that’; it means there is no specific remedy for any disease or condition. Patients are treated keeping in view their whole picture. To understand this, read the following paragraph.
Reaction of the patient towards his/ her disease is more important than the disease itself. For example, while riding in a ‘flying swing’ or ‘roller coaster’ some people get scared and scream loudly in a great panic, while others enjoy the ride. Situation is same but the reaction is different from person to person, i.e. from enjoying to little apprehensive to severe panic. Some people get panicky from trivial ailments, while others don’t care in spite of having some serious disease.  This attitude or emotional reaction controls the health and disease conditions and the whole life of an individual. This abnormal/ exaggerated reaction needs to be treated, and homeopathy has the great potential to normalize the exaggerated reactions and other emotional abnormalities. Physical diseases and emotional disorders are simultaneously treated and cured.
You can expect panic free life, with overall normal and controlled emotional health.
Sure relief from ocular migraine or complete cure, if it is not due to some irreversible pathology.
You have been suffering from this condition for the last thirty years. A lot of detail is missing. Your description is too technical and missing finer, delicate details.
You can easily understand that a suitable remedy cannot be suggested in this forum. It requires a lot of time (more than a day’s work), involvement and exploring great details.
I assure you that homeopathy has the potential to cure your condition but you have to take proper treatment for it. For complete recovery, you should consult some nearby classical homeopath or contact me through my website.   (for further reading)
Dr. Sultan Mahmud
May 24, 2014  


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