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QUESTION: Hello. My 10 year old daughter for the last two years has had daily headaches that are constant and do not go away at any point of the day. She is becoming irritable and worried as are we. She wakes up with one and goes to bed with one.We have had MRIs and catscans done that have come back normal. We have adjusted her diet to avoid items we were told would effect headaches. e have been to a pediatric nuerologist who did nothing but order the MRI and talk to her. Her medical doctors can not find anything wrong. Her vision 20/20 tested by the school and by an optomitrist. She goes o bed crying every night that we cant help her. We have tried every headache medicine  over the counter out there but nothing works and I DO NOT WANT TO KEEP OFFERING IT TO HER AND AVOID LIVER COMPLICATIONS. Ive contacted childrens hospitals but no one seems to get back to me. Please tell me or give me a clue or the next step to take. I cant take watching her in this pain and not being able to help her as a parent.

ANSWER: David,

Great questions.

We often see parents with kids that have explored everything they know possible to no avail.

Has she had any trauma, falls, falls in sports? Any issues with her birth or what type of birth was it?
Did changing the diet do anything?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for getting back to me. It was a natural birth with no complictions. She was in a minor car accident in 2009  but was seatbelted in and no problems. She did fall from a trampoline but nothing serious enough at the time to visit a doctor..It was a very long time ago maybe three years. She did fall off her bike and break her arm when she was 4 but it was one of those little bikes with training wheels. I was thinking maybe that was the cause an getting someone to order an MRI of her cervical spine but no one is willing to give that order. Changing her diet did nothing.  She kept a headache diary for awhile but it become useless when the headaches just never went away.. Going cray thinking of reasons why she has them!


Those traumas are all reasons why she is having the problems TODAY. Even the car accident in 2009 is a factor.

Often when kids / adults suffer from an incident like the ones mentioned, it misaligns a bone(s) in the spine. The misalignment isn't the issue. The misalignment puts pressure on the nerve system disrupting the body's ability to send information from the brain, to the various areas of the body. If she has an upper cervical misalignment, that will disrupt blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) all which as you can imagine is vital to the brain. That is a perfect storm for exactly what your talking about.

The problem is that their are only a few hundred qualified Doctors to handle a case like this.

If you want, let me know what city you currently reside in and I will do my best to find a place to bring your daughter.



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