Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.  This is regarding my 17yr old daughter.  She was diagnosed at 16 with juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy.  She has had 2 grandmas seizures, but keppra 1000mg 2x a day has kept things under control for quite a few months.  The last couple of weeks she has been laying low, sleeping lot and complaining of headaches.  The last couple days the headache has gotten so severe behind her left eye she is in agony if she moves.  She says her stomach feels painful as well.  I also suffer from migraines, ironically over the last couple weeks.  But she seems much worse.

She has never had headaches like this.  Could this be related to her epilepsy, simple migraine or something worse?  She does have an an appt with Nuero.  Will they know what this is?  Do you think they will do imaging?  I am nervous for her.  She has has auto immune hepatitis and takes prednisone and cellcept as well.

Thanks for anything you can offer us.


Kepra is not not a pleasant drug and I would take a look at its side effects.

Please provide me with a history of her health leading up to her sickness. Has she had trauma, been in car accident, difficult birth, etc.

Often the headache is associated with what I believe to be going on, and it may be a common side effect of the med.



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Their is a specific cause to most headaches. A thorough lifestyle survey and exam is needed along with a thorough medical history is essential to helping find the cause of this problem that effects millions.


For two years, I have been caring for people who have had irregular spontaneous headaches to people with severe regular migraines that put them out of work for days.

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For example, a patient came in two weeks ago with chronic headaches and neck pain that has persisted for years. After one week of care, she has had no headaches with complete relief of neck pain. A thorough exam and survey was used along with their medical history. Another patient came in 4-1-09. 30 year old female with chronic migraines for 15 years. She took Excedrin and Imitrex almost everyday. We took care of her for two weeks and her symptoms completely resolved. No medication-no surgery-no pills-no lotions.

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