Hello sir, Its nice to meet you. I have a daughter who is gets headaches that the Dr calls migraines. She's always had allergies but I never remember her EVER having headaches. Can allergies CAUSE migraines? I seem to remember my mother and sister had them but I or my husband NEVER has.
Can they just 'come on' one day without a history of them?
We recently relocated from Maine to Fl. We got into the State of Fl on Sept 13 2013 and the migraines started on Oct 30. The hosp did a CT and decided that the muscles in her head were all 'bunched up'. However I have the report that just said everything was normal.

thank you for you attention,
joyce hall

Hello Joyce, you are welcome

No one knows the actual cause of migraine.  If your daughter has only a few episodes of occasional headache, then you need not to worry about it. However, if she has recurrent headache without any obvious reason (e.g., tension etc.), then you should take it seriously.
Homeopathic treatment is the best option for her allergies, headache, and other mental, emotional and physical problems. Contact some classical homeopath and avoid taking “on the counter available, homeopathic specifics”.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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