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Hello Dr. Mahmud.  I

've had chronic pain in the nose area and the middle of my forehead for quite some time now.  I was punched in the nose about four years and I was hit hard enough to break the bone.  Even though the Dr. re-broke it to try and straighten it out, it's still a bit crooked at the bridge.  

I do suffer from year-round allergies and which have gotten worse.  I am currently taking zyrtec, flonase and I do the sinus flush constantly, but I can never get real relief from the headaches and the pain in my face.  I had an X-ray done yesterday; which showed NO signs of Sinusitis.  I also have a feeling in my ears that feels like there is fluid in there, but the Nurse said my ears were fine.  I started taking Claritin today to see if switching medicine would help.  I also started using an air purifier in my room at night to see if that would help.  

Any suggestions and/or insight would be well appreciated.  Thank you!

Hello Kathleen, you are welcome

You have asked about my “suggestions and/or insight”. Being a homeopath, I would like to ask you “why do you consume medicines or suffer so much when there is a cure for it?” Classical homeopathic treatment can cure your all the issues collectively, i.e., chronic headache, allergies, sinusitis, ear problem and other health issues as well. You will not need to get your sinuses punctured again. It is not fantasy, it is reality.

Don’t be hypnotized by anti-homeopathy propaganda. Decision is up to you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud

May 5, 2015  


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