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15 years ago, I fell from a height and I saw stars. Hmmm. Since 12 years ago, I have had headaches. Inability to memorize things. Forgetfulness. My friends could remember their past and I hardly do.

If I don't eat early, I have headaches and sometimes when I wake in the morning, I have headaches.

When I used to drink, I have severe headaches in the morning. I stopped drinking 5 years ago.

Please I have been to the doctors and had eye test and other checks, all to no avail. I am considering an MRI. I want to further education but I can hardly remember almost everything I was thought in my undergraduate class.

Please advice me. God bless you.

Dear Hope, you are welcome.

The best advice for you is, to consult some nearby classical homeopath for proper treatment. Your case requires long term treatment, but the good news is that you will get substantial relief and ultimately total cure of your headache.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud  


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