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Hi my name is Mark am 27 ...and live in Chicago il!

I had a lot of strees and depressions and sure anxiethy attacks ... so last winter ( i work like a doorman and maintanance guy )so on work i was fixing a leak on a sealing and i strached my self on my head on a rusty metal...so after like a month i started to having like weird sensationa in my head on the left side ...ear pain ( a little bit ) and heavy head. and sometimes like muscle twiching on the left leg and eye twiching with water inside .. so i just waned to ask if u think if that is anything bad ...

btw it stoped when i put a heat on my head and it keeps me warm bc when i work like a doormen the wind in thw winter time is so cold while am opening the door...

so that stoped and i got like after 6 months of no symptoms the feeling again :

so after a week it was a little colder and i feelt that the wind was hiding my left side again so i started to having those sensation and sometimes like a stabing feeling for a second and it goes away ... when am in a warm room it gets betther but if the A/C is on i feel like the headechs are coming back

so should i be worried ? and go ... see the doc... i went during the firdt sypmtoms to my doc and did regular tedting like liver..kidneys... and all that stuff and everthing was perfect  .

i have a 8 m old daughter so am going crazy and scared if i maybe have a tumor or whatever ...

Dear Mark, you are welcome

I am not in a position to comment on your condition. For this you have to go to some hospital for proper evaluation. It is certain that your condition requires proper treatment. You may opt for convention treatment or homeopathic treatment. It is up to you to decide. However, if you prefer homeopathic treatment then you may contact some nearby homeopath or contact me through the link below.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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