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Headaches/Migraines/Tingling feeling on skull


Hello Doctor,

I am Sudha from Coimbatore, India. Since a month or so, I have a tingling feeling in a particular place in the skull (two inches above the ear). I get the tiggling feeling rarely and but sometimes frequently. Ater few days it disappears. Please let me know if I want to see a doctor for this. General phycision will do or any specialist?

Please let me know why I am getting this feeling.


Dear Sudha you are welcome

Wish you have no serious problem. You can consult some neuro-physician or neuro-surgeon.  If it is not possible, then you can consult some general physician. It is better to have early diagnosis. However, you can start homeopathic treatment without waiting for the diagnosis, and for this the best way is to consult some nearby classical homeopath for detailed case taking and proper prescription. You may need several follow ups. Donít worry, homeopathy can help you in every condition.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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