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Hi Ed,

A bit background:
I have been working as a Contractor at an awesome company for about  a month now. I love the job and the company culture and definitely want to try my best to be taken on as a perm, regular employee. And I am working through a placement agency, with a great recruiter. The thing is, I was told this job is contract only and will be *at least* 3 months with no guarantee to perm conversion... and as a contractor, the biggest fear is the insecurity.

My questions for you:
I really want to be a full-time employee here.. how do I approach this?
Is a month in working too early to ask?
Who should I talk to about this.. my recruiter? My current manager? Or the hiring manager for the role?

Initially, I was going to just ask my current manager and the hiring manager for the new role, but I didn't know if it was appropriate.
I was then going to talk to my recruiter, but I thought it won't be good since he will probably dislike the idea (since he make a percentage off my paycheck as a contractor).

I actually found an opening on the company's web page for a VERY similar role which I am currently doing and would love to be considered for that.

Could you tell me, from your experience as a Recruiter yourself on how you would react to this situation, where your placement ask to be a FT employee with your client?

I understand that if the company decides to take on the contractor for FT as the same initial role they came in as, the recruiter/agency makes money. But with the no guarantee, i am afraid I might lost my chance.. hence, why I want to apply to a a different, similar role. But in that case, in a perfect world, if I apply and get hired, the agency won't make money so I am a bit discouraged to talk to my recruiter about this from the get-go....

Hope you understand my situation and look forward to your response. I really love working here!


Thanks for your question.

It is never too early to let folks know that you are interested in working there full time.  Tell your recruiter first.  Also, let the managers you work with at the company that you enjoy working there and would welcome the chance to be there as a permanent employee.

Most agencies get some sort of compensation if their employees are hired permanently so they do have incentive to send quality candidates.

Best of luck!
Ed Freeman

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