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Mr. Freeman,
    a couple weeks ago, I attended and excelled at a first interview with recruiters. Both said I seemed like a great fit and one said he would hire me right there but had to wait for my second interview with the owner of the company itself. However, the owner has not gotten back with the recruiters in a week regarding specifically when they wish to set up interviews. They hired this recruiting company to help and said they were hoping to find someone by the beginning of this month yet they cannot be reached. My second interview was supposed to be this past Wednesday but we had to reschedule due to lack of communication on their part.

Should I continue to wait indefinitely for the recruiter to contact them while checking in every several days or should I show my own initiative and interest in the position by calling he business itself? I don't want to seem pushy but I wonder if this will help. What do you think?


Thanks for your question.

You need to work through the recruiting company on setting up the next round of interviews - that is customary.  I would send the company a thank you note for the interview opportunity and certainly express your interest in continuing the process.

Express your concerns to the recruiter but let them do the leg-work.  There may be reasons that aren't apparent for the scheduling delay.

Good luck!

Ed Freeman

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