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Hello sir,
How are you?
I have been job searching off and on since March with no success (applied to 50 positions). I am full-time employed, taking some classes in preparation for an MBA, and have an extremely long commute so I have close to zero time to search. I have a pretty good success record and have working for some of the top companies in the world, so I don't understand why 50 positions have chosen to reject me. Granted, I applied to some senior marketing manager positions while I am currently hold only a marketing manager position, but the job descriptions themselves did not seem too out of my reach, and not all of them were senior positions.

Since I am gearing up for an MBA, I have a few restrictions (for example, if I do a part-time program, I prefer the position has no traveling so that I don't have to miss classes). I would also like a position that would look good to MBA programs, which is why I applied to senior positions in the first place (I want to show career progression, leadership progression and overall growth).

I am at a point where I'm considering hiring a consultant and outsourcing the entire job search to an expert or some organization that can handle this time-consuming endeavor for me. The only issue I foresee is that along the way to applying for these positions, I have also been tapping my network on LinkedIn, so unless I gave this entity access to my login and some standard email templates I have been using where they could pretend they are me, it may be difficult (and 70% of jobs apparently are achieved through leveraging your network)--although for me so far in these 50 positions, my network has proven to be useless.

So, my question for you: what do you recommend I do here to change the odds in my favor and secure something fast? Are there any individuals or organizations that perform the above services that you can recommend?

I am applying for fall 2015 programs (~January 2015 application deadline) which means I have very little time to (a) secure something fast (b) prove myself in the new role in order to have a strong recommendation from my new manager. (Almost all programs require you to be full-time employed and a current supervisor to be one of your required recommenders, otherwise I would've just quit and prepared full-time, because the GMAT has been very hard for me).

I have to also add, that this is urgent because my current boss has been sexually harassing me, and the commute and stress has caused me medical problems (possibly an ulcer, the doctors don't know what it is yet...and I don't want to file a lawsuit for various reasons).

Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping me.
With appreciation,
PS: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, not Georgia, but I don't need to work with someone nearby. Thanks.


Thanks for your question.

You need to focus on what you really want to do and gear every once of your efforts in that direction.  If you want to continue school and get your masters - do that.  If you want to
get that next bigger position, put all of your efforts there.  If you want to resolve the situation where you are - resolve it (talk to personnel or the police).  You may want to talk to a career counselor to help you develop a game plan and help you determine the proper direction.
Being pulled in too many direction leads to hesitation, inaction and frustration.

Hope that helped,
Ed Freeman

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