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QUESTION: I just earned my Bachelor's degree in Healthcare administration in the state of Pennsylvania. I need to know if I have to take any further test or certifications before I continue my search for a job in this field. I have turned to friends, family, and even tried to research the question and I still cannot find the answer and I am not sure where to turn. I really hope you are able to point me in the right direction because at this point I feel I went to school for no reason. Thanks in advance! Angela.

ANSWER: Hi Angie
Check out the state trade association for the career you are interested in. Some lingo. Nha. Nursing home administrator - ait administrator in training.   Ed- executive director.   Good luck.  My trade association is  Check it out and good luck.   Ps. What is your dream job ?

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QUESTION: Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks and answer your question. My dream job is to own and operate my own assisted living organization some day but I will settle for running one in the right direction for the time being. I love caring for the elderly and making sure they are being cared for with dignity and respect.

I need an RN to help a SNF company start up a home health hospice company in LA- its the accreditation and getting patients that is hard....but i know you can do it- Start a website call Angela's list and provider quality in home caregivers.....!

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