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I am a certified nursing assistant for 10 years experience in assisted living and nursing homes as a can, housekeeping, dietary.  I am getting my bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration.  How can I use my experience in long term care to obtain a position as an administrator.  What can I do to better my chances as an administrator.  I know to volunteer at this time between work and school that is difficult.

Hi Cheryl,

My expertise is Nurses- But in my humble opinion all of your life and work lessons will help you- the only problem i see is that there are lots of Administrators and very few Physical therapists and Nurses.

We have 30 ED's (NHA) (Executive Directors and Nursing Home Administrators) to each job (Fighting) but when someone calls me looking for a PT )(Physical Therapist) or OT (Occupational Therapists) They are just about impossible to find and can demand a higher wage- would you consider being a therapist?

If you still want to be an administrator I think that you will enjoy that job as well- as far as being the "best NHA ever" I would recommend that you "just be yourself" - what you make you a better ED Or NHA is if you where an RN or LPN (LVN) as well as being the boss.

Blessings of love and light!

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