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Willy wrote at 2013-02-27 15:36:11
Hi, my name is Willy and your story sounds exactly as mine. I have be a competitive cyclist and athlete for over 30 years and recently experiencing multiple PVC's throughout the day. Did the halter monitoring and saw cardiologist that did a echo on me. He said I am in great shape and nothing to worry about.  However it is very uncomfortable sitting watching TV feeling the PVC beat every min or so. I was told to try magnesium but it hasn't shown much difference.  It looks like however the harder I ride and my heart rate above 150-160 for long periods of time seems to increase the PVC's at rest. I have read a study they did on athletes from Italy on PVC's and sudden death but it looked like there was no significant relation between the two. It did say however that athletes that took off from their training for three months their PVC's would almlst disappear. Since it looks like we are not planning to give up our sport it looks like we are just going to live with it.

Good luck and keep me informed if you find out something.  



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