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Hardo wrote at 2012-06-08 07:38:55
I Do kundalini yoga. one of the exercises is to expel all air while in a sitting yoga position, and hold that state for about 15 seconds. 4 Times. I have now started to experience what seems to be adrenalin labored / excited heart beat sensations, seemingly related to that exercise. All i'm saying is a lot of this medical stuff is based on limited information, and sometimes a seemingly harmless exercise can be the cause. i don't know what the answer is to mine, but i'm stopping that exercise. be well

randall poole wrote at 2012-12-01 02:21:48
I also had the problem of a constant adrenaline rush that lasted at least 18 hours also and extended for 15 months. then it disappeared overnight. it was a nightmare i wouldn't wish on anyone.  it was considered for a time that i might have had a Pheochromocytoma but was quickly dismissed because i lacked most of the key symptoms. officially i was never diagnosed with a particular condition. so i created my own term for it called Idiopathic adrenal gland secretions. but the odd thing was that my heart rate never got over an average of 72. four months later i was diagnosed with Bradycardia  with heart rates as low as 39. I wonder he the condition i had could have caused an arrythmia.

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