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Heart & Cardiology/skipped heart beats and stomach /oesophagus?


Rich wrote at 2011-11-17 13:53:03
Dear Sir,

I allready wrote you follow up questions. But I forgot one.

Is it allmost certain to say that the pain spasm I feel isnt my heart itself but muscle, vagal related? and therefore also benign?  

Sol wrote at 2015-05-30 17:27:33
I have esophagus spasms that feel like palpitations. I started drinking ginger tea and

It seems to calm this contractions.

Some times my pulse goes very fast and irregular, nothing to do with my heart, according to my cardiologist. After a while researching, I ask my doctor for a hypoglisemia test, and there was the problem, I have low sugar and have to eat every three hours, and the symtoms go away eating protein. I eat little carbs, this seams to make me feel worse.  

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