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Jen wrote at 2014-06-09 13:28:13
I see that your post is from 2011 so hopefully you've found some help by now but in case you didn't, I'd like to share a couple things. First, I could have written that symptom list myself, right down to that undescribable taste in my mouth I couldn't seem to get away from it (my poor sweetie!). I did all the Drs, ERs, heart monitors, was admitted to the hospital, etc. my heart rate topped out on average 170-180s completely at rest, no provocation. I finally found a dr who tested a few other things and my case is now managed such that I am able to exercise, no episodes, etc.  Heres what we found... Slightly elevated arsenic, lead and mercury levels presumably from the pesticides in the wine I drink (3-4 glasses a day. 4-5 days a week or beer less commonly) looking into it more I found out the amounts they use are extraordinary.  I had become very sulfur sensitive also..I couldn't eat a drop of onion or garlic, the taste would flare up and last about 3 days.  After that it would go away.  I mean not a drop of it though. Couldn't touch tomatoes for months, now I can occasionally in small amounts.  I took a natural product to reduce the heavy metals called Chelaco from MediHerb at 3/day.  Biocardiozyme 5/day and CoQzyme 4/ day both of those are from Biotics Labs. All available online. These settled the symptoms down within 2 days.  I did many experiments with brands of wine and it did matter. I did organic for a week until the symptoms went away and switched to organic coffee permanently. I had to switch from my favorite wine to a different one that's not organic but doesn't affect heart.  (With some I could take a sip and set it off-that was horrible) Several of my fav beers did the same thing but even quicker.  I know this isn't the diagnosis you were looking for but I ran 4.4 miles yesterday and 6 weeks ago I couldn't walk up the stairs in my house. Good luck.

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