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Hello,  i am a 44 year old female. I had seen a cardiologist about 7 years back regarding chest pain and all test were negative for any mitral valves problems.  Recently i have been having tightness in chest along with chest pain, sometimes lightheaded, a discomfort in my right hand.  An ekg was performed and showed atrial premature complexes, left atrial abnormality , t abnormality in anteroseptal leads. Heart rate 81, RR 743ms, P 100 ms, PR 126 ms, QRS 70ms, QT 372 ms. QTC 433 ms. P (11) 0.08mV. S (V1) -0.92 mV. R (V5) 1.48 mV.  my doctor wants to follow up with cardiologist again and i believe its from the t waves.  I had recent lipid profile and it was slightly elevated for the first time, i am a smoker, i exercise and under lots of stress, advised me that in the mean time if chest discomfort persist go to the emergency room. Should i be really concerned if i already had cardiac testing 7 years ago.

Hi Nadeen,
Of course you need to follow your doctor's advice. You have several cardiac risks:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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