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Dear Dr. Richardson,

I'm 39.  My resting HR for several years has generally been in the low 50s.  Sometimes it's low 60s, but at other times I have seen it as low as 45, such as last night when I was at home and cold (it was probably 64 degrees in the house and I was in a t-shirt).  

I've been exercising regularly for years but I'm not in amazing shape...I can run a mile in about 7.5 minutes (far from spectacular), and I will get out of breath after long rallies in tennis--so I'm no Lance Armstrong by any means at all.  

Is my low heart rate concerning? I've read that "normal" pulses are between 60-100 and anything less is considered bradycardia.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Hello James,

Yes, it's called sinus bradycardia if below 80.  Sinus bradycardia is normal, no threat.  45 awake and 35 asleep are the lower limits of normal for heart rate.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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