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Hello again.
I have written to you before concerning my 15 yr old son who has had 2 blackouts of unknown cause, he had a loop recorder implanted in july he has  frequent episodes of bradycardia as low as 38-40, when it's this low he is obviously very tired, dizzy and poor cocentration, he's a little overweight not athletic in any way... Tuesday his 'box'  was read for the first time. nothing abnormal was shown on it, and he will be seen again in 4 months...

Our  cardiologist said 'yes'  his heart  beats slowly, but it is in sinus rhythm, and because of his age, unless the rhythm changes or he has another blackout, he will not consider a pacemaker.

How low does your  HR have to go,to be noted as marked bradycardia  on a loop recorder??
Do you agree with our cardiologist about a pacemaker??


p.s  there has been 4  sudden deaths  in my family...

Hello Maria,

45 awake, 35 asleep are the lower limits of normal heart rate, so I guess slower than that would be considered marked bradycardia.
Yes, I agree about the pacemaker.
Of the 4 sudden deaths, how many were below age 45?  Did any have bradycardia?

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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