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Help. My symptoms started suddenly 8 weeks ago, a blood clot in my little finger right hand. Since then I have both sharp chest pain and a heavy chest ache, palpitations, left arm and shoulder ache, sometimes the chest pain radiates to my neck, jaw, shoulder and occasionally my back. I have a heart rate monitor at home, which shows my resting heart rate between 105 - 117 while pain is present. The chest pain/ache and palpitations are much worse 1 week of the month! My left arm constantly feels cold too.  In the very beginning I also had 2 episodes lasting approx 15 mins each, of typical stroke symptoms. I've had bloods, all clear. I've had ecg's, all clear. I've had a ct scan if my head, showing 2 areas on my right side but this has been dismissed due to my age ( 38 yr olds don't have strokes was what I was told). I'm constantly tired or asleep and whatever I do wipes me out. I used to be happy, health and very active!!!
I'm still waiting to see a cardiologist!  Do you have any ideas or advice please.

Hello Zoe,

Ask the cardiologist for an echocardiogram to see if your heart could be sending clots to brain and arm and how well your heart is functioning.  Constant tiredness suggests poor ventricular function of a leaking mitral valve.  Evaluation of your cold arm with measurement of arterial pressure up and down that arm and in your other arm may help.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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