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I would like to know why I have such low BP if possible.

I am a 38yo single mother of 4, I eat fish and chicken and lots of steamed vegies of all sorts mainly greens and rice. My BP is commonly around 88/55 with a pulse of about 54, but I feel fine. I have had only 2 memorable moments of fainting in my life and as a teen regularly suffered from what I would call visual seizures( 30sec of complete blindness but was completely awake and aware). I try to have a fairly healthy lifestyle I participate in Pilates and Aerial Arts Silks but my let down is I am a smoker.  I am a sensible drinker and I do some gardening.

What would cause my BP&P to be so low and would I be classed as having HYPOTENSION?

Hi Aasta,
I don't understand what you are concerned about. Do you have any symptoms? In people with a normal heart a lowish BP is good (it means it works at a minimal load to push blood around your body). You should stop smoking however!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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