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Hello, my name is Kara, I am female, 16, 5"3 and 115 pounds; I am  fairly athletic, as well. Now, I don't wish to be a hypochondriac, but I have had experienced orthostatic hypotension for more than a year now, and I sometimes feel a numb-like feeling go through my whole body when the blood rushes back to my head, and I was wondering if this is normal for orthostatic hypotension? (I know this isn't directly cardiac, but the dizziness/ vertigo portion of this website is not currently up :P). My "head rushes" as I call them have not been diagnosed by a doctor as orthostatic hypotension, but I haven't gone to a doctor about this at all, as my online research and a father for a physical therapist have assured me that dizziness (lightheaded-ness in particular) when standing can be quite normal for a teenaged girl, and usually quite benign. When I stand up from sitting (and usually a longer period of time), I become lightheaded, lose sight for a few moments, and have to sit down to avoid fainting (I believe I have experienced near-syncope several times, and I have actually fainted twice before, one time hitting my head). I don't always experience this orthostatic hypotension- only about once a day- sometimes more, sometimes less- but it is not an overly pleasant experience. Like I said, I apologize if I am simply over-reacting to a normal occurrence, and in truth I am not overly concerned about my episodes, but it would be an ease of mind to hear your opinion on orthostatic hypotension and the numbness I feel when I am lightheaded and waiting for the blood to rush back to my head. Thank you!

Hello Kara,

The numbness is usual with orthostatic hypotension, which is probably transitory in a 16 year old.  Eat lots of salt and drink lots of water to hopefully avoid the orthostatic hypotension.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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