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Hi in one question for you saw the same symptoms that bother me here is the question " http://en.allexperts.com/q/Heart-Cardiology-964/2012/9/palpitations-34.htm " I see that your opinion is Even 5 thumpy beats in a row is normal but what about 10 or 15 Is there room for concern in that many or not ?
My last echo was done 5 months ago doctors see only mild MVP
Last ECG is taken 1 month ago doctors see Early Repolarization
all the doctors told me not to worry about it but the symptoms are there : dizziness, shortness of breath , PVCs , tachycardia 180+ bpm(sometimes).
Аlso after climbing 6 floors i immediately measure the blood pressure with wrist BP monitor and BP is low 110/60, 105/55
I am currently Concor.
25 y/o smoker,rare drinker,210 pounds,6.10 feet,no family history of heart problems.
For 3 years all the test i done is:
7 echo,50+ ecg,tons of blood work,1 ECG stress test,3 x 24hrs holter monitor.
Should I look for more test for heart problem or consider consulting with a psychologist.
I'm scared that something serious will happen with my heart because of these PVCs,Im trying to stop smoking.

Hello Mitko,

20 to 15 PVC's in a row, that is every beat is a PVC for 15 heartbeats, is a little worrisome, but is probably okay with a normal echo.

Your echos suggest that your dizziness, shortness of breath and tachycardia are caused by anxiety.  PVCs will not harm your heart.  More heart tests will not help.  Psychologist seems a good idea.

Please write back if this note dioesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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