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Hello, I am 59 yrs old and recently filed for divorce after 39 yrs of marriage. On the day my husband was served the papers, I was so terrified,(he can be abusive) that my heart felt like a fish out of water inside my chest. I also had skipped beats. It lasted all day long for over a week. I couldn't stand the pounding I felt and it was driving me crazy. I had one trazadone in the house and last night, I took 1/4 of it. Today, my heart feels normal again. What is this? Is it medical or just stress and anxiety? I did have a complete heart evaluation a couple yrs ago cause I had a blip in my ekg during a yearly well visit. My heart was healthy, it just has a strange beat to it. Thanks for anything you can tell me. Oh...I take Bystolic as my blood pressure was in the  150/80-90 range last year.

Hi Lynn,
It is unlikely to be serious, but you may want to consult your doctor if these palpitations return. Meanwhile read this (it includes recommendations for testing etc.):
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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