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Hi Dr,

I spoke to you last week about a bad episode of Ectopics heartbeats of which you were kind enough to reply to. I understand that ectopics are normal activity and should cause me no harm - however I had to visit the A&E department again last night with chest discomfrot and pain radiating to my back and shooting pains in both arms.My bloods were all normal,my blood presure was normal as was my heartrate, my chest X Ray was normal, my ECG however showed that i had Right Branch Bundle Block, the DR explained that an ECG I had last year showed the same and that it was the same this time round.

Im now panicing about this RBBB - is this going to cause me problems going forward?? Is this connected to the ectopics (Although I dont have half as many as I used to)

Im panicing that Im going to have some form of Heart Attack or issue related to this RBBB??

I also have a bad sore throat at present and a cold and wondered if this could show any issues of this nature regarding the RBBB??

Thanks agian for any advice or help


RBBB is a harmless EKG finding.  The right bundle branch is a very thin bundle of cells specialized to conduct electric signals rapidly. so thin a bundle that it can be blocked by a drop of blood leaking out of a capillary or by a single cell that has naturally died.  RBBB doesn't interfere with normal heart function and will never cause any trouble.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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