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Heart & Cardiology/undignostic freuent vpc after so many tests


Honourable sir
my age is 52-height 5.7--mild diabetic with present weight 93 kg—reduced in last few months –earlier my weight was 107 kg—earlier I was moderate diabetic around 200 with eating mistake but now situation improved and even only one or two metformin enough to control sugar nicely.

But I have developed UNDIGNOSTIC  problem as under:-
frequent pvc(vpc) occ. biegmany, trigmany occ. NSVT.
when I get sensational pvc I fell uneasy( even such sensational pvc are not much more, I feel uneasiness) but when pvc are coming without my knowledge( un-sensational I do not feel un-easiness( even such slow vpc are more eventhough I feel normal)---what can be reason of such sensational pvc and un-sensational pvc?----(sometime high salty food—strong tea –eating mistake can produce sensational pvc and too much care can reduce frequency of such sensational voc)
My all most tests as under are normal---1) Echo –according to doctor normal
-normal LVsize----no LVH—no clot----LVEF 2d-55 % ---all cardiac valve are structurally normal—LA  RA RV PA AROTA SIZE NORMAL----MILD MR---TRIVIVAL TR----NO AR PR---NO PAH---NORMAL PERICARDIUM—REDUCED LV  COMPLIANCE-----MITRAL VALVE REGU—MILD—VELOCITY 0.92—GRADIENT-MMHG 3.4

3)   HOLTER----24 HRS
4)    t m t before 5 months---exercise limit—6.7 mts—adeqate increase bp and hr---no significant s t t changes during test and recovery—no arrhythmiya at that days---stress test terminated after 4.46 mint---100 % mhr achieved without chest pain sensation—recovery was uneventful—test negative for induced myocardial ischemia at the workload achieved as on that day—test was taken with 25 mg betablocker and before 5 months with no disturbed heart rhythm episodes during the weak---SIMPLE ECG ALWAYS INDICATE THAT’’INFERIOR OLD INFRACTION ‘’!!!!! BUT NORMAL ECHO RULL OUT ????

5)   thyrod tests always  normal—liver function test always normal—hemoglobin was earlier 9.9 but improved up to 12 percent—electrolyte like sodeium-magnisium-pottassium  near to normal—lipid test always normal---no significant pathology result found.— medicine prescribed---metoploroal—betablocker 50 mg once( i have to take without blood presser)-----routivastin/clodegperal 10mg/75 mg once---i have to take without lipid abnormality

vpc some time increase after eating and after 2 hour  frequency reduce but cure is not taking place---eating mistake most of time become trigger for 2 hour frequent vpc---very rare and occ. some time vpc come of long duration and i feel weaknes in my both hands for few minutes..but then such long duration vpc not come for even for few months!!!!!!

electrophy cardiologist say that out flow pvc and diabetes is the dignosis---if more vpc cont. take place then rf abalation can be thought—( other doctors refused the justification of RF ablation and even need of EP study—because in past i was cured from such episodes period 3 times in past without any treatment( betablocker and alpazlem medicines ony enough to reduce frequency of vpc )-but i want to know definite diagnosis of said suspected electric discharges---and what can be reason in cardiac mussels that electric discharge take place—which test can trace out reason of such electric discharge???  
my normal echo/tmt/single average tests rule out possibility of cardiac hidden reasons >>???diabetic neuropathy oriented mild vegus nerve disorder can results such situation ..but gastro specialist say there must be something hidden cardiac?????---pl help me in details to trace out possible hidden reasons even of electric discharge from said out flow tract VPC?/? what means out flow??????---can angiography traceout anything???can nuclear medicine computer tomography can traceout? can MRI cardiac useful? any latest tests—320 slice CT sacanner?  pl answer in details…

Hi kumar,
PVCs + normal heart function + if not associated with other cardiac risk factors are harmless!
Read these:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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