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I'm a 40 year old male, Weight 220lbs (trying to lose weight).

I have been suffering from chest pain/ache in one form or another for the last 3 years it has been put done to Costochondritis and also Anxiety, also I suffer from mild gerd.

I have had 2 trips to a&e with chest pain in the last 2 years and they have done ecgs and chest x-rays also bloods at the hospital and all cameback ok (ruling out heart attack) also have had 2 treadmill stress tests done (managed about 10mins each time) they camback also ok. I have also in the last month had another standard ecg done and that was ok, also my Blood pressure is ok.

But I'm finding in the cold weather (UK) that my chest starts to ache around the the sternum area (Right in the middle) and it is relieved by warmth as soon as I wrap up warm or get inside with the heating on it is gone with in minutes.

So my question is when I look up on the net it says about angina pectoris, Does this sound like it could be angina or could it be acase that my "Costochondritis" is aggravated by the cold weather (a bit like arthritis would be).

It is not really a pain it is more like a Ache, Hard to explain.

I have got a echocardiography coming up in the next few months should I mention this to them.


Hi Chris,
Your symptoms are not caused by heart disease, which has been excluded with all the tests you have had. Local tenderness suggests indeed costochondritis:
Another way to evaluate this, is with these tests:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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