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I am 23 y/o male in good shape.  In the last few months, I have been noticing slight and brief chest pains.  Then, about a month ago, after a night of heavy drinking, pizza, and a day where I consumed a decent amount of caffeine, I had severe chest pains that felt like an issue with my heart and it's pulse.  I went to the emergency room, where they did an EKG, Chest x-ray, and blood test, and said everything was normal.  The blood test showed .01 for troponine I levels of .01 (I'm guessing nano grams/lt.)  The doctor diagnosed it as heartburn/GERD and put me on ranitidine, but the pains continued, especially after exercise and minimal alcohol consumption.  Sometimes, I also felt it while lying on my back and I have had difficulty falling asleep and have been woken up by discomfort.  The pain is usually long-lasting, and is a deadening pressure, tightness/numbness on the left-center part of my chest.  I sometimes have had discomfort far left on my chest and in my left armpit.
With continued discomfort, I saw a GI specialist, who prescribed Prilosec.  Since, I have not felt discomfort as much, but still plenty after exercise, most recently after an attempt to ski.  This pain was quite strong.  
I also saw my regular doctor, who performed an EKG and found that I had a"delayed conduction" (the GI described it as an rsr prime) and referred me to a cardiologist.  However, both told me not to worry about it and that I can go on the big ski trip that I have planned in a week and a half.  With the pain from skiing just the other day, I have become concerned about whether I should go on the trip or wait to see the cardiologist first.  What do you think?  I apologize for not having more specific results from the EKG but that is all that my doctor told me.
For additional background: I have felt in the past year that I may be getting a bit of anxiety, with a few episodes during what was quite a stressful/busy school year.  I also unfortunately consumed considerable amounts of alcohol on a regular basis.  I graduated in June and have been relatively stress-free since.  I have been regularly weight-lifting for the last five months up until my ER visit.  I was also seriously ill last fall with toxoplasmosis.

Hi Ian,
Very unlikely this is cardiac related, rather I agree with your doctor this is GI related. A "delayed conduction" would result in an arrhythmia if significant and would not cause chest pain as dominant symptom.
Read this (very similar):
Go skiing!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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