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Hello, I'm 16 years old so you can see as to why im concerned. Ive been having painful sharp kind of gripping pains in my left side, starting any where from the top of my upper breast to the last of my ribs to about the second last it lessens and intensify its painful to breath but not from my lungs but because it hurts its almost shocking it happens sometimes on the other side as well it feels like what I imagine an electric current would feel like if it hit me down the side but more fleshy, and not electricity its happened since I was about 7 on and off and im not sure how to explain it to my doctor or if its anything that I need to worry about it last anywhere from a minute to around five but it and may or may not come back after that I also started smoking around a year ago i don't know if that could be affecting my chest in this particular matter

Hi Rose,
Your symptoms are not suggestive of a cardiac related problem.
However, since I only know you are a 16 yo female, w/o a consultation and testing  it is impossible to know for sure.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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