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Dear Dr. Richardson,

My hands/feet are usually quite icey.  People tell me this often when we shake hands.   I had no idea there was a connection between heart health hands/feet until the other day when I read on article about it on Yahoo.  I am able to detect a pulse in both my ankles.  It's not as strong as the one in the wrist but it's present.  

In short do cold hands/feet represent any possible heart problems?

On an aside my body temps have been oddly low last couple of days and I'm colder than normal.  I'm inside mostly and the temp in the house is 66-68, so it's not all that cold.  I checked my temp with an oral digital thermometer and saw it as low as 95.2 F.  It rose quickly after putting on extra layers of clothes.  Is there any heart condition that could cause this strange phenomenon?  I normally run about 97.5 for what it's worth.  

Seasons greetings,

Hello Heather,

Cold hands and feet may be Raynaud's syndrome, where the nerves to blood vessels are hyperactive.  Look up Raynaud's in Wickipedia.

I don't know what makes your body temp low.  Heart trouble wouldn't.  I think you have no heart trouble.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

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