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QUESTION: My father, 60 years old has recently undergone a heart surgery and a stent has been put in one of his blocked arteries. Doctors told that some more arteries are blocked which they would treat with medicines. Apart from this he got some tests conducted mid of this year because of the swelling in his feet and due to overall weakness. The tests showed that a lot of protein is passing through his urine(12000mg), has an enlarged prostate, cholesterol is a bit high, etc.

He was already on high blood pressure medicines and all these tests made us all the more tensed. This heart problem was an instant one. He slept alright at night, got a severe pain and when taken to docs they told the situation to be critical and instantly operated. Now the thing is he has been asked for a biopsy test to check the reason for protein in the urine by a nephrologist for which he will have to stop his heart related medicines for at least 4-5 days. Wld it be safe to discontinue the medicines?

Also I want to know how much serious the things are, how should we proceed and all the risks involved. Pls advise.
Thanks in advance..

ANSWER: Hello ppyr,

Depends on the medicines.  It's not safe to stop beta blockers like atenolol and metoprolol abruptly.  They must be reduced by half for 4 days and then by another half for another 4 days and then stopped.  Other meds can be stopped at once without problems.

Kidney biopsy is very safe.  Only complication would be bleeding around the kidney.

His kidney trouble sounds fairly serious, but the biopsy will decide.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions, and PLEASE let me know what you find out.

David Richardson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey David,

Really appreciate your response.

There is a long list of medicines which he has been given but two of them which would be stopped for his biopsy test are Disprin and Metolar XR(50mg). So would it be safe for him if he discontinues these two for 4-5 days or they should be reduced slowly n gradually as suggested by you??

Apart from this; to be honest I'm based in a different country n my dad is in India. I was a bit worried that both these kidney and heart problems together; how much critical the things are??

Sorry but one more question, you have written--Only complication would be bleeding around the kidney----I couldn't understand whether bleeding occurs during the biopsy test or there would be complications if bleeding occurs after the test??

Shall keep you posted with whatever latest information I have....As of nw he would wait for few days for his biopsy test because it has just been 15 days that he got operated and he is feeling a LOT of weakness.


Disprin may be aspirin.  If so, it should be stopped 5 days before the biopsy.  I don't know what Metolar is.  If a beta blocker, it can be continued, not stopped at all.

Not critical is my guess.

Right after the biopsy needle is pulled out is most likely, tho bleeding might occur in the succeeding 12 hours.

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