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Hey doc. Im a 40 y/o, otherwise healthy male. Over a year ago I saw my doc and cardiologist for periods of rapid heart rate. I have had a numerous EKG’s, echo, calcium scoring, labs, chest x-rays, and hoiltor monitoring. Other than unspecified PVC’s- al test were normal. I had a cardiac calcium score of 0- not sure what that means. Anyway, for months now I have near daily periods of “light headiness”. Some of these episodes can be described as a head rush. I could also describe this as loss of equilibrium. Sometimes when at a movie, certain motions can create this sensation as can simply walking through a grocery store. I haven’t passed out but sometimes it feels like I might. These are not episodes of “dizziness or room spinning”. These can last for seconds for half an hour. They can start morning or evening. There are no other symptoms that go with it. I have noticed when I get up from laying on the couch or sitting, the head rush is present at times. I don’t know what else it could be. When I have had periods of fast heart rate- I don’t get this feeling. It simply comes and goes. That being said, it is highly annoying and causes anxiety ( if it’s not anxiety itself). My doc recommend possibly seeing a neurologist if I wanted too. Again, this has been going on over 6 months. Any ideas? Thanks for your service.

Hello Dennis,

Get your blood pressure measured sitting and then standing quietly for 1,3 and 5 minutes.  If it gets below 90, that's the cause of your giddiness.  Drink lots of water and eat lots of salt to avoid the giddiness.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

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