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Hello again Dr. Richardson.  I read somewhere online a while back something about the connection between low HR, BP and dizziness.  I tried to find this article but wasn't successful.  I seem to remember it suggesting that if your HR is low but your BP is normal, then any dizziness one may experience would NOT be cardiac related.  Is that true?

My resting HR is 50 but my BP is normal.  Is there anyway given these figures that I could still be experiencing cardiac related dizzy spells?  

Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna tip over--a sensation that's been ongoing for 7 months now.  I'm not a Dr. but 2 suspects are cardiac issues, or anxiety/depression. Perhaps something odd with blood not getting to my brain but not sure what would cause that?  

Thanks again,

Hello James,

Dizziness is not due to low heart rate so long as BP is okay.

Get your BP measured sitting and then standing quietly for 1,3 and 5 minutes.  If it falls below 85, that's causing your dizziness.  Eat lots of salt and drink lots of water.

Anxiety can cause dizziness by over breathing.  Pay attention to your breathing and breathe slowly and shallowly.  If necessary, breath through a tube about an inch in diameter and 10-12 inches long.

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