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I have near daily palpitations. I have had these for years. I have seen a cadiologist and had echo, numerous labs, ekg, chest x-rays and a hoiltor monitor. I have even went to the ER on 2 occassions and been hooked up to a heart monitor for hours. No serious issues. The caridoloist said he could give me a low dose beta blocker or I could learn to live with them. That being said, are there any suppliments that are known to help decrease these palps? They cause me great anxiety at times. I heard magnesium can be used. Thanks doc

Hello Slayde,

Skipped beats are normal heart activity, easy to understand as normal from knowledge of the heart's electrical system and occurring in about half of us.  They don't mean you have heart disease or will in the future develop heart disease or any catastrophe.   I don't know of any supplements that would decrease their frequency.  Magnesium is worth a try.  I favor no bet blocker, since the skips are harmless.  

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