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I am a 19 year old male in great health. I am an athletic person, a basketball player and a soccer player. I went to the cardiologist 2 months ago, and had an EKG done and a stress test done. No PVCs resulted. It came out perfect. My heart was perfect. However, when I play basketball and soccer, or any other exercise, I get PVCs, usually after the game is done but at times during the game as well. I get multiple PVCs after the game, usually one every 5 beats. This also may result in burping, but not usually. My cardiologist said my heart was healthy and structurally "perfect". Should I be worried that I am getting these PVCs, especially exercise induced and post ecercise? Any detailed insight is appreciated. Thank you

Hi Hashim,
1. How do you know you  have PVCs if they cannot be demonstrated?
2. In someone with an otherwise normal EKG & heart function - even if you prove to have PVCs - no treatment is needed:
As I have done now many times before to patients like you, I cannot explain it better than this!
Hope it helps,
Dr T

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