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Dear doctor, i have been dealing with health anxiety since 12 years & time to time new fears comes to my mind and my query are being answered by you in a very comfortable way & I am relaxed. I will be always grateful to you all my life. I am 43 years old, having mvp with trivial rigurg, taking bisoprolol 5mg & telmisartan 20mg at night. Also cipralex (escitapram) 10mg at night. I did my echo, TMT, ECG, lipid profile, kidney function, liver function etc. Now i am worrying that, my anxiety will cause blood clot & i will get heart attack. pls doctor help me to remove this fear. I know blood clots are caused by narrowing or blockage in the arteries or rapture of the plague. but my mind is not calming. pls help me i will be very grateful to you.

I have more concern reagrds to My wife, she is always having high bp 150/90 even after taking medicine (bisoprolol 5mg +hyrochorothized 12.5mg) + Olmesartan at night. still not fully controlled she did echo test, it was normal echo. then the cardiologist did the TMT test, it showed ST depression horizontal & st depression downsloping. positive for inducible ischemia. she is just 41 and brisk walking daily for 40 minutes daily with heart healthy diet(no deep fry). The cardiologist requested for angiogram. What are the possibilities of blockage. can we delay the angiogram and unclog the arteries by brisk walking and heart healthy diet. pls answer my query as this is causing me too much stress.

Anxiety doesn't cause arteries to clot.  Just ruptured plaques and anxiety doest cause rupture.

Doubt if diet and exercise will relieve the narrowings.  However, the indication for balloon angioplasty and stents is pain one doesn't want to put up with.  Diet, exercise, good blood pressure control. a statin and aspirin are as effective as angioplasty in preventing heart attack or cardiac death.  She should start taking a statin like Lipitor.  Any statin is fine.  Also a baby aspirin every day.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

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